Saturday, December 1, 2012

1st Dec 2012

The last month of the year 2012 is here now .

What have I achieve ? What have I done ?

A lot of things going to be an end I suppose , in this year 2012. At lease Twilight Saga has ended with the Breaking Dawn II , it was a good movie , oh well.. after all it's a girls' movie . hehe..

Cold War was another good movie .

Few things to complete this month .

Hopefully I will have a beautiful closing this year , and then time to search for other opportunity. A good end perhaps ?

Are we going to make things better or continue being cold with lotsa ignorance ? It has been 2 years and again , what are our commitments for where there are no mutual understandings ? Tell me if I am wrong , I am lost.

I have just registered Toastmaster. A public speaking class. I hope its a good start to kill off my public speaking nervous.. bahhh ~  hehe .

I have also registered a 12km run on the 30 Dec 2012. The Newton Challenge 2012 . Don't ask me if I can make it , I will definitely try my very best to complete the 12km and to get the finishing medal . Ok yes ,I must do it and which means I need to start training from now on @.@

December is also the Christmas month ! wheeee !  I'm planning to get myself a smart phone as Christmas present, hmmmm... sounds good :) Or sounds like a good reason to spend more money ~  haha

This month , I will be attending 2 weddings dinner , and imagine I have friends at my age getting married , more red bombs coming ! haha

* ESC Dining at Ara Damansara , next to Symphony Building. A pleasant dining place :)

* The art of my colleague, and obviously I am the victim. 

* Office desk decorated with some tiny creatures. 

* The 12km run I was saying ... 

* Some Christmas feel, ya ? 

* Red Bomb


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